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19.04.2019 - Ilinca Hoinic

Modular solutions and optimization tools showcased by Intersoft Solutions at Europropre 2019

Held every 2 years, the Europropre expo show is gathering with each event, numerous highly skilled professionals from the hygiene, cleanliness and multiservices domains, fields in which Intersoft has been activating for a very long while, innovating with revolutionary technologies year after year.

This year, things weren’t any different, all three days of the show being a blast, with our team keeping busy with meetings, networking, finding out what is new on the market and sharing with everybody our latest developments in terms of tools dedicated to the cleaning industry.

Our main focus at this year’s event has been on showcasing during our live demos the unique integrated modular solutions for business processes optimization that we provide: ERP for cleaning and service companies, proactive reporting, mobility and a Web Portal dedicated to customers and employees.

Along with all these, we also included demos on:

     - Proactive risk reduction (which included real-time control indicators, dedicated graphical dashboard by user/ function and excel dashboards with automated reading of ERP data);
     - What makes our full ERP solution unique on the market (automated integrated payrolls, guaranteed multi-level profitability, social & conventional watch).

Permanently customizing our services while also being up to date with all the changes the market is facing, we were able to maintain our high innovation level this year too. We’re happy we had the chance to meet all of you and we remain at your disposal if you need more infos or a customized solution.

Keep posted,

The Intersoft Team

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