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01.04.2019 - Ilinca Hoinic

Intersoft opens one of the first IT solutions showrooms in Rome

In a world where everything can be found online and can be virtually tested at any hour, there are times when we just miss human interaction. During these moments, it would just be easier to be able to talk to our business collaborators face to face and offer more details on the spot about a solution or a product. Moreover, by mixing the online communication with the offline one, processes could be simplified and solutions could be tailored depending on specific business needs.

With this in mind, at Intersoft, we focus on constantly being close to our partners online and offline. And while the first one is done wonderfully and we will meet your requests in record time, for the second one, we are focusing on always opening new offices in the parts of the world where our clients activate and offer them the possibility of testing our solutions with physical assistance from our part.

We know that locals understand locals best and so, we always plan on being one step ahead and trying to understand our clients better. And this time it’s the turn of Italy to be the country that, starting with 2nd of April 2019, will be the home of one of the first Intersoft IT solutions showroom.

Located on the Piazza G. Marconi, N. 15, 00144 in Rome, the showroom will feature a space where our Italian partners will be able to discover more about our solutions, test them, talk to some of the best account managers we have and discuss more about the way Intersoft can boost their businesses. It will be a place where anyone will be able to experiment with our solutions and see how they can drive valuable transformations into their business processes.

Customer experience, facility Management, survey solutions, workforce management and many more will be some of the topics that we will be focusing on every time you will pay us a visit. In our Rome showroom we will help you understand our work better and test it first hand, offer you the best solutions to some of the most pressing problems in the industry your company is activating in and together, during special brainstorming meetings we will find the best ways of helping your business grow with the help of our services.

Starting the 2nd of April we invite you to pay us a visit and have a talk with our amazing Italian team! Curious to know more? Drop by our office and let’s talk some more! To schedule a meeting is a piece of cake, just write us at

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