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15.05.2019 - Ilinca Hoinic

Hip, hip, hooray… it’s world Facility Management day!

Around the globe, every day there is a reason to celebrate something. Be it a day of joy, of paying respects for past events that marked a moment in history or just a fun holiday, we’re always in for a bit of celebration!

So, in case you didn’t know it yet, today, on the 15th of May, it is indeed a day of celebration, for us, those who are working in the area of facilities management, because it’s World Facility Management Day!

World Facility Management Day aims to raise the global profile of the facilities management profession.

It is a time when Facility Management professionals take a moment to reflect on their past achievements, share experiences, promote this profession and, most importantly, celebrate their successes.

Let’s just start by covering the fact that having in place a good facility management system will keep you away from having to be affected by inefficient infrastructure, underperforming and poor standard productivity and will make sure that your workplace environment remains functional.

But of course, that’s not all… because the benefits of a well planned and organized facility management process will also result in:

     - Bettering working processes within your building or complex and be more cost-effective;
     - Using top notch technology and IT systems;
     - Easy management of the building/ complex for you and the colleagues you are working with;
     - Being fully compliant with national & international working standards;
     - Integrating all useful information from business level into one single platform;
     - And also increasing the business’ efficiency.

It all sounds a bit overwhelming because when you think of it, in order to have in place a highly performant facility management process, you’d need a huge team of people, right? A team of people whose responsibilities cover some of the points below & more:

     - Risk assessment;
     - Leading an efficient waste management process;
     - Strategically plan each action that affects the work environment (both at individual and team levels);
     - Ensuring compliance when it comes to national & international regulations (from health to safety);
     - Making sure the distribution and use of hazardous substances is under control;
     - Having easy access for people with disabilities and having an emergency plan in place;
     - Taking care of the maintenance process of a certain site;
     - And having clear and effective fire prevention methods & more.

With so many responsibilities on their back, all professionals in the field deserve a big shout out and a massive thank you for making our lives easier! And for that, we’d also like to return their favor by simplifying their lives with the help of the Intersoft platform which offers globally scalable facility management solutions that are meant to deliver:

     - Interactive floor plans to show for instance: tenants, inventory and sqm.
     - Brokers functionality to make offers to new and existing tenants;
     - Customizable dashboards;
     - Easy & secure integrated document management;
     - Ticketing system;
     - Notifications and more.

Being a professional in this field comes with many responsibilities and we know that everyone working in the field deserves to be acknowledged for their patience, perseverance and high standards.

Happy Facility Management Day from the Intersoft Team!

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