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20.12.2018 - Ilinca Hoinic

Our year-in-review is looking magical, all thanks to you!

It’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s also that time when we’re looking back on all the great things that have happened in the past 12 months! Our journey to offering you outstanding fully managed, secure, scalable & ISO certified services was filled with surprises that we just want to share with you!

Here are a few:

1 new market that we have conquered this year. We were serious when we told you we like to go into new markets with every occasion we have! This year the lucky charm was the Philippines!

2 new and innovative products:

     - A brand new customer experience platform that integrates a highly intuitive surveying tool which helps you ask the right questions in order to get insightful feedback from your users, as well as collecting and interpreting all of your data in a heartbeat despite its’ various shapes and sizes (multiple languages, versions and coming from numerous sites, all at the same time).

     - A fully web-based innovative and user friendly platform that helps property owners and facility managers in the process of office renting via brokers.

3 new globally scaled customers in some of our favorite fields of work: the automotive industry, facility businesses and real estate.

6 areas we activate in, covering areas ranging from cleaning businesses, contact centers, automotive, hospitality and facility management.

9 awesome new team members that are ready to offer you support in all of your business challenges & that are constantly developing new tools in line with the market’s needs & trends!

10 hot markets we’ve been doing our magic in. We don’t want to keep the Intersoft innovative vibes locally, we love to spread them globally by activating in markets such as France, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Australia and India.

30 multinational partners we’re collaborating with in areas such as: workforce management, quality management, customer experience, facility management & many more.

We could go like this for a while, but we don’t want you to miss out on the Christmas dinner as you get too immersed in our great numbers.

Thank you all for this awesome year & let’s meet with the fresh vibes in 2019!

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12.12.2018 - Ilinca Hoinic

Should quality management units kill excel spreadsheets, before they kill them?

Do gigantic slow loading excel spreadsheets, shared drives and multiple teams using them at the same time making them crash mean something to you?

We know your business pain. Manual processes are among the the biggest challenges for teams when it comes to measuring, improving key metrics and increasing overall efficiency.

When the quality management tools require a larger number of people to register and process all the feedback that comes from the customers in many shapes and sizes (multiple languages, versions and from numerous sites, all at the same time), it’s safe to say that the focus should turn to automating the whole activity and turning to innovative technology for help.

But what are the main benefits of automating your quality management, you might ask?

     1. Higher operational efficiency

Boost the operational efficiency of the unit by automating your case mining and root cause analysis. This way you will save time and drive consistency.

     2. Reporting 100 times faster

The ability to analyze a larger amount of data, gives more accurate figures that you can share with your stakeholders faster and act upon them. You will also have the ability of customizing report data and layouts, which will make reporting even easier.

     3. Higher employee engagement

Having an automated solution to replace the excel spreadsheets and the headaches that come along with them, will leave you the necessary time to dedicate managing your people and develop new strategies to adapt your quality framework to the ever changing market conditions.

These are, surely, just a few of the benefits that the automatization of your quality management processes can bring to your call center business.


Intersoft is bringing to the table a single, automated, customizable, holistic Quality Management solution, ensuring collaboration in an agile away, with none of the excel associated risks that will jeopardize your business continuity and that will deliver way more results on which you can act.

We are your answer to limiting your dependency on spreadsheets! Contact us and let’s have a talk about how Intersoft & our fully managed, secure & scalable services can help you with your current QM struggles.

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05.12.2018 - Ilinca Hoinic

Benefit from the best security practices, we continue to be ISO 27001 certified!

What’s in it for you when you’re implementing processes that are provided by a company that is ISO27001 certified?

Here are a few of the benefits:

     1. Significantly lower risk of data breaches

The ISO27001 certification requires us to operate & maintain a set of specific measures that ensure high data security such as encryption, resilience of processing systems & services and more.

Let’s just say that when it comes to data, using an ISO27001 certified system, will visibly lower the risk of any kind of data breaches.

     2. Easier risk assessment

Implementation of processes that will ensure your compliance with the current regulations regarding risk assessment take time and require multiple resources, shifting your focus from what may be more important for your business.

By using our ISO27001 certified services, the whole process will be taken care of by us, Intersoft Solutions being responsible of identifying all the threats and vulnerabilities that might affect your assets and individuals’ data.

     3. Data protection by design

A good initial plan can save you many headaches along the way when it comes to ensuring data privacy. That is why, GDPR requires that the companies whose main activity involve data processing to protect that data by design and only use the information that is necessary for each of their process.

That’s where our expertise comes into place, helping you develop and plan GDPR compliant products & processes that use data protection by design and keep you secure when it comes to problems that might appear when you start your activity.

Having an ISO27001 certified partner is a valuable asset to have, that will ensure you are using smart processes that are compliant with the current legislative regulations. Our services are secure & scalable, customized on your specific data security needs and always ready to get the most out of the information you collect.

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