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Intersoft Solutions is a privately owned software company focused for over 20 years on delivering highly innovative solutions that cater to your specific business needs.
We are passionate about practical and intuitive tools that improve business processes."

Quality - our most praised value

We keep our standards high and our products’ quality even higher. Our goal is to design and customize a wide array of tools that will help your business be greater with every new integration.
Being certified for both ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards is the living proof of our focus on having the best products and being determined to work with the most unique technologies from the market in order to deliver the greatest quality you can possibly find.

From regional, to local. We cover it all!

From our international offices we deliver and implement software solutions and provide consultancy, training, coaching and 24/7 support to our clients from sectors like:
- Staffing agencies
- Security
- Catering
- Cleaning
- Production
- Retail
- Call centres
- Back-office
- Customer service
- Airports and more.


Contacts Management








Message Inbox

Internal Chat

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Workforce Management

People Manager

Employee Contracts

Simulation (Q1 2018)

Forecasting (blended)

Capacity Planning

Holiday Request

Shift Planning

Actual Hour Registration

Illness Registration

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Operational Management

Activity Tracking

Custom Data Tracker

Activity Visualiser

Break Management

Team Management

Desktop Process Monitoring

Phone/CRM Integration

Planning of Routes

Project Announcements

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Financial Management

Contract Management

Complex Invoicing

Overtime & Allowances

Hours to Payroll integration

Payroll Calculations

Purchase/Payment Approval


Cost Distribution


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Quality Experience

Customer Surveys

Data Collection

Case Analysis

Compliance Analysis

Process Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Agent Monitoring

Feedback & Coaching

Reporting & Dashboards

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Business Insights

Data Analysis

Data Enrichment

Data Search

Data Integration


Reports (pdf)


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